Whose Internet History Should Be Purchased First?

Voting is now closed and the results are in!

Total Votes: 66,997

Paul Ryan

Speaker of the House

Total Votes: 23,773 ( 35% )

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Marsha Blackburn

House Member

Total Votes: 17,582 ( 26% )

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Mitch McConnell

Senate Majority Leader

Total Votes: 15,545 ( 23% )

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Ajit Pai

Chairman of the FCC

Total Votes: 9,750 ( 14% )

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Brian Roberts

Chairman and CEO of Comcast

Total Votes: 255 ( 1% )

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Randall Stephenson


Total Votes: 122 ( 1% )

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All your private Internet history, now easily searchable!

All of your private Internet history is now easily searchable! Thanks to the Senate's passage of S.J.Res 34, the House of Representatives also voting to repeal protections, and now the President Trump has given his stamp of approval, your Internet history can now be bought and sold.

I plan on purchasing the Internet histories of all legislators, congressmen, executives, and their families and make them easily searchable at Anything they have looked at, searched for, or visited on the Internet will now be available for everyone to comb through: their medical concerns and questions, taste in pornography, financial interests…

Since our elected representatives failed to let us decide whether our personal browsing history should be a commodity, I wanted to give them a lesson on how a democracy is actually supposed to function: I'm giving you the opportunity to vote on whose history gets bought first.

Help me raise money to buy the histories of those who took away your right to privacy. Some sold you out to telephone companies and ISPs for just a few thousand dollars. Now your private data will be bought and sold to anyone interested in your browsing habits and identity, so it's great news for marketing companies and law enforcement, but bad news for citizens who value their privacy.

So now we're going to turn the tables on the legislators who sold us out. Let's buy THEIR history and make it available.

If you can't donate money, maybe you can donate your time and skills. I want to get help from any of you on proper, transparent, and most importantly legal aspects of accepting donations for this purpose.

Are you someone who can help? Send me a message!


Get updates on donations or updates on when new internet histories have been purchased.


I'm always looking for volunteers who believe in this cause to help!

If you are someone who thinks their skill-set would be useful, lawyer, accountant, big data engineer, software developer, please contact me below!

Donate via PayPal today to help me continue working toward our goal!

Why a $1,000,000 goal?

Do you think this will be a cheap endeavor?

50 Republicans were lobbied by Telecom and ISPs in an effort to kill your privacy. So they can make more money. If all it takes is a million dollars to buy legislators, let’s do it.

If it takes a million dollars to get real change, I am sure a million people are willing to donate $1 to help ensure their private data stays private.

The change must come from you. Congress has been bought and sold by big tobacco , NRA, pharmaceutical companies and telecom giants. If you want things to change, then you must fight fire with fire. We must join together and buy our own legislators.

Let’s not pretend this doesn’t happen. This happens every day. Those 50 Republicans traded YOUR privacy and personal data for a few thousand dollars each. I don't think they realized the Pandora's Box they opened when they did.

Your data will not just be bought and sold to marketing companies. If your data can be bought, anyone can buy it. Including law enforcement, insurance companies, banks, schools, ex-wives, husbands, anyone with an agenda.

This is unacceptable.

Well, let’s buy the vote back.

So, I need your donations to help me purchase the histories of those who sold you out. I want to put it online and searchable so you can see exactly what they do and who they are. Help me lobby our legislators. Don’t just help me, help yourself too.


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If you want to help protect your privacy and the rules, you should support groups like ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Free Press.

Contact Your Legislators

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Adam McElhaney

Privacy Activist & Net Neutrality Advocate

I'm Adam McElhaney, a privacy activist & net neutrality advocate from Chattanooga, Tn.

I think that your private Internet history should be yours. Check me out on Twitter or Facebook to see who I am. I also believe your Internet should be neutral.

I am raising money to help secure those freedoms.

It is my ultimate hope that we will be able to use the donations to restore our right to privacy.

I have laid out a plan on our course of action on the GoFundMe page. This isn't going to be easy and this will not be quick. I'm going to continue fighting for you.

Should something happen and I fail you, I want you to know that this money belongs to you and our cause. I have no intentions of keeping a nickel. I have no intentions of withdrawing any money until I am certain I can deliver. I'll let you decide if you want your donations back or if you want me to donate them to EFF or ACLU. It will be your choice.

But I am not giving up and neither should you.

We are stronger united.